Engineering fundamentals are proven methods that lead to better code. Some of these methods are known more than others. When talking about engineering fundamentals, the first concepts that come to mind are unit tests, code coverage, linting and CI. However, little is spoken about a build pipeline and what are some of the requirements that make a build pipeline more effective.

Let’s take a step back and understand what we mean by a build pipeline. A typical testing and delivery pipeline is composed of the following three pipelines:

  • Build: The build pipeline is responsible for testing any new changes that…

The serverless framework’s azure provider is great. The azure function serverless plugin allows for creation of Azure functions with ease. They also provide all the bindings you need to kick start your function with a new event from a service bus, a new drop in blob storage or even to process a new event on an EventHub topic.

But what if your function needs to store its processed data on another cloud resource? say a blob storage or service bus?

The good news is the azure functions plugin does provide a way for you to create those resources as well…

Say you want to quickly get started with Jenkins and “kick the tires” before fully committing to rolling out your own instance. How do you go about doing this?

Or say your company fully controls your Jenkins instance and they won’t give you the permissions to create your own pipeline and try out your build. It all has to go through them.

The second case is where I found myself. Good news is running Jenkins locally via docker just to test out your build file is super easy.

There are a couple guides that will walk you through this process…

If you’re like me, at some point in your education/career you might have used to create a JWT token. You might have also wondered how this generator work underneath the hood. Let’s take a moment and demystify how it works.

TLDR will encrypt your payload using your private key and will use your public key to verify the encoding.

Long version

For the purpose of this example, let’s assume we have a payload and we’re trying to sign it using the RS256 algorithm.

Here is our payload:

'scope':'random scope'

Now, let’s use the pyJwt

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